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      Thompson's Fishing Jigs 品牌推廣,


      Being a fisherman is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle, and in the Thompson family that is fact. Not only are we fishermen, but we are also the craftsmen of our own fishing tackle. Every jig is hand made from the initial casting of the lead in our custom jig molds to the tying of the baits. It’s a family tradition that is four generations and 50+ years strong. Our custom jig head shape allows for a more realistic drifting motion, that falls at a shallower angle, mimicking an injured minnow better than the competition. Depending on the chosen jig size and color, anything from Crappies and Bluegills to Bass and Walleyes can be found on the end of the line. Our jigs have been field tested for over 50 years and are proven to catch fish. Our handcrafted products are built at the highest quality, with long-lasting durability in mind. Thompson’s products are handcrafted by fishermen, for fishermen.




      深圳市頂點企業形象策劃有限公司 是一家企業VI設計形象策劃的綜合服務提供商,我們堅持以創新的思路做品牌,做最有力的“創新型設計”!

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