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      包裝設計欣賞 Appreciation of packagi
      通過設計橋梁和Rob Bailey
      在去年成功的“愛之勝”限量版活動的基礎上,設計大橋繼續以“兩個人走到一起,表達彼此的愛”為主題。今年將插畫畫家Rob Bailey納入合作。在決定了一系列6瓶——每種顏色的驕傲旗——之后,羅伯創造了6套新的擁抱情侶,來裝飾每個“選擇愛情”限量版瓶子。
      這對情侶精心打造,用隱藏的細節,如紋身和珠寶,來表現國家的多樣性和包容性,在每一瓶中發現。由設計總監Chloe Templeman手繪排版增加了更多的人的素質。


      Smirnoff: Choose Love

      by Design Bridge & Rob Bailey
      To support British Pride 2017, Smirnoff challenged Design Bridge to come up with a new way to celebrate love in all of its wonderful shapes and forms.

      Building on last year’s successful Love Wins limited edition campaign – Design Bridge continued on the theme of 2 people coming together and showing their love for one another. This year bringing illustrator Rob Bailey into the collaboration. After deciding upon a series of 6 bottles – one in each colour of the Pride flag – Rob created 6 new sets of embracing couples to adorn each of the Choose Love limited edition bottles.

      The couples have been carefully crafted to represent national diversity and inclusivity with hidden details, such as tattoos and jewellery, to discover on each bottle. And hand-drawn typography by Design Director Chloe Templeman adds a more human quality.
      Fore more check out the Design Bridge blog.
      Happy Pride season everybody, here’s to celebrating and choosing love.




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